The Audiovase™ passive speaker is a simple and intuitive audio accessory that uses surface geometry to boost sound from your device's speaker increasing the volume by about double making music, podcasts and speakerphone conversations loud and clear without Bluetooth, electronics or batteries.



The Audiovase™ passive speaker fits most small-format smartphones with their protective phone cases. Specifically, the following devices are recommended for use with this version of the Audiovase:

  • iPhone 6S and earlier model iPhones
  • iPhone SE
  • iPod touch
  • Samsung Galaxy S7
  • Samsung Galaxy S6
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
  • Google Nexus 5X
  • HTC One M9
  • Sony Experia Z5
  • Sony Experia Z5 Compact

We are also in the process of developing a bigger version of the Audiovase to fit large-format smartphones. This larger version will be available at a future date so stay informed by signing up for our company newsletter.



Because it uses only surface geometry to boost your smartphone's volume the Audiovase™ passive speaker has no internal electronics so you never have to charge it during use. However, it does have an internal cavity that accommodates your smartphone’s charging cord allowing you to quickly and easily charge your device during use without missing a beat.

The elliptical shape also leaves enough room to fit your smartphone and most protective cases so you can drop your phone into the Audiovase without worrying about taking the case off. 


How it works

The Audiovase™ passive speaker uses its unique patent-pending shape and surface geometry to boost and enhance sound quality. As sound leaves your smartphone's speaker the sound waves reflect off the bottom surface and reverberate off the vertical walls amplifying sound with each reverberation. The Audiovase's elliptical shape eliminates the muffled sound you get using cups and bowls by shortening the distance the sound waves need to travel as they reverberate off the vertical walls.


Our Story

The idea for the Audiovase™ passive speaker came from a conversation between our Founder and his wife in their kitchen. When he walked in she was washing dishes and listening to music on her phone which was a little bit strange because they owned a Bluetooth speaker. When he asked her “why aren’t you using our speaker?” She smiled and said “This is just easier.”

After thinking about this conversation he realized that Bluetooth speakers can be kind of a hassle for the following reasons:

  • Bluetooth speakers can be expensive.
  • Bluetooth doesn't always pair correctly with your phone. 
  • Bluetooth can drain your phone’s battery. 
  • Bluetooth speakers can run out of power during use.

In order to avoid these irritations many people listen to music and podcasts using only their phones but most smartphones have compact speakers that aren’t very loud which is why some use do-it-yourself solutions by putting their phones into bowls or cups. This may boost the volume slightly but cups and bowls can cause music to sound muffled or hollow which defeats the point of making it louder.

The Audiovase is designed not only to boost volume levels but also to provide sound quality that is crystal clear allowing you to enjoy every second of what you’re listening to. 



Sketching, CAD and computer renderings were all an important part of our early design exploration but we found that experimenting and prototyping lots of different concept iterations provided the most value and insight throughout development.

We 3D printed and tested dozens of prototypes using different shapes, sizes and proportions to arrive at the final design. With every different prototype we made we learned how to improve performance and audio quality helping us arrive at the best possible end result.