A DEmonstration of the Audiovase™ passive speaker

After learning about the Audiovase™ passive speaker most people want to see it in action so they can see and hear how the product really works. With that in mind, we quickly shot some bare-bones videos comparing the Audiovase against the volume and sound quality of an iPhone 6s speaker by itself as well as the same phone placed in a cup and a bowl. 

Please keep in mind these videos are intentionally rough and unedited with plenty of background noise to prove it. We did this on purpose so there would be no question about whether or not the audio tracks were edited to make the results more dramatic. Click on the videos below and you be the judge.

Demo video 1 - Audiovase vs iPhone 6s

Demo Video 2 - Audiovase vs Plastic Cup

Demo video 3 - Audiovase vs glass bowl


Measurable results

We also went the extra mile and tested the Audiovase using a decibel meter to show the measurable increase in sound. See the results by clicking the video below.

Decibels (dB) are a unit of measurement that increases exponentially instead of linearly so volume actually doubles when measurements increase by 10 dB. In other words, 85 dB is twice as loud as 75 dB.